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Our course

Why join our course?

  1. LOOK GREAT – lose fat, gain muscle or look toned to get your ideal body image.
  2. FEEL GREAT – be healthier and fitter by improving your diet and being more active.
  3. BE GREAT – be happier, improve your mental health and have a more positive lifestyle. Many courses only focus on diet and/or exercise, but to be successful you also need to consider your lifestyle and mental well-being.
  4. SUSTAINABLE & FLEXIBLE – our diet, exercise and lifestyle advice focuses on making long term changes which are designed to fit with your lifestyle. Many courses or trainers only focus on making changes for a few weeks or months and require you to make many strict changes that are difficult to follow or not possible with your lifestyle. This is why many people stop dieting after a few weeks or months and then they regain fat and stop gaining muscle.
  5. AFFORDABLE – there is no weekly or monthly subscription, just a one time fee and then you have unlimited access to all our videos and resources.
Hello! I’m Jyb

Wake Up. It's Time To Change.

We believe that diet, exercise and lifestyle are all essential for a healthy and a happy life. We will help you to improve your diet, exercise and mindset to reach your body and life goals.

Our course was designed by Qualified Personal Trainer, Transman model and TV-star Jyb (@jybppd).

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Diet basics

Nutrition basics to help you understand your diet

Lose Weight

Healthy diets and habits to help you lose weight sustainably

Gain Lean Muscle

Healthy diets to gain muscle whilst staying lean


Which supplements do you actually need to improve your diet?

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