From KAFBO’s intentions that understand cats’ behavior, the act of scratching & destroying home furniture by accident, and the owner who always keeps their pets behind the house because mostly, pet products are not concern about good design.

Therefore, KAFBO’s design comes to solve the problem of co-living space between owners and their beloved pets with the idea of pet house design through creative process, useful & practical, also with a choice of durable materials : eco-cardboard. Make owners and their pets spend great time living together.

Like the motto “Happy cat, Happy home”



490.00 ฿
Real animal sound Paw to work and reactivate Level a quality catnip Perfect 55mm size 100% handcrafted from New Zealand

Cube The Tuxedo Cat Sticker (Mr. Whale KAFBO)

450.00 ฿
Cube The Tuxedo Cat Sticker (Mr. Whale KAFBO) Cube DIY simple and fun box made from eco-cardboard. Open packaging, 3 pieces scratchy

HOME 8 pcs Full Set – Walnut

6,690.00 ฿
KAFBO Cat Scratching Furniture HOME 8 pcs Full Set – Walnut HOME is a whole new range of cat scratchers and the

Smart Cat Toy

990.00 ฿
Captivate your cat’s attention and satisfy their hunting instincts with a unique electronic cat toy that simulates prey popping out

The Castle Cube 3 pcs Set (Free! Bridge)

1,350.00 ฿
Castle Cube 3 pcs Set (Free! Bridge) Castle Cube is a castle fort for your cats. You can stack up