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Positive Thinking

Be motivated and succeed

Drive, also known as motivation, is the want or need that gives us the energy or enthusiasm to do something. We could be motivated to lose weight because we want to look slimmer or because we need to for health reasons. To reach your goals, you will need something that drives, or motivates, you.

Drive depends on our thoughts, feelings and actions, hence why our motto is: think-feel-be great. Follow our tips below to increase your drive.

Tips to increase your Drive

  • Be healthier and fitter -Your health is essential for your happiness and productivity. Improving your diet and being more active will help you to think, feel and be healthy. This will give you more Drive to reach your goal – visit our health and fitness pages to learn more.
  • Set your own goals that matter to you – Set a goal that is personal and important and that gives you direction and purpose. Write down this goal and display them somewhere that you will see them often. Once you have set your goal, identify your targets and what you need to do to reach these. Our goal setting page will walk you through this process.
  • Treat your goals as a learning experience – No-one is perfect and all successful people have made mistakes – even if you haven’t seen them! Mistakes are valuable learning experiences, which can help you to improve in the long term. Even if you don’t reach your goal at first, if you try hard enough you will make progress which will make positive changes to your life. 
  • Increase your knowledge – Understanding what you need to do and how to do it will make it easier to reach your goal. There is so much information and advice about health, fitness and self-improvement that it is difficult to tell which is right or helpful. That is why we give you free information and advice so you can make informed decisions.

  • Understand that your willpower is limited – Often we plan our goals and activities when we are more motivated. We don’t always know how we are going to feel later and it can be a struggle to motivate ourselves when we need to. Your willpower is the mental energy that helps you to get things done. However, it is limited and if can decreased your drive if it gets low. Therefore, we need to manage our willpower and plan ahead for times when we are less motivated. Learn more about willpower here
  • Create a support network – You can get others to help you in various ways. Diet, fitness or goal buddies can help us to stay motivated by making it more sociable. Telling others about your plans and goals is also proven to increase the likelihood that you will reach your goals. Also, find others that have succeeded before or who are knowledgeable about what you want to improve.
  • Create good habits and change bad ones – Our habits are the routines, actions or behaviours that we do regularly. Good habits can make it much easier to reach our goal, whereas bad habits can make it harder. Learn how to create good habits and change bad ones on our habits page.
  • Notice your negative thoughts and change them –It is common to have negative thoughts, however, these thoughts can affect our feelings and behaviours. When you have a negative thought, recognise that it is negative and try to reframe it. Check out our positive thinking page to learn more strategies to improve your thinking. 

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