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590.00 ฿ 490.00 ฿
Real animal sound Paw to work and reactivate Level a quality catnip Perfect 55mm size 100% handcrafted from New Zealand

Cube The Tuxedo Cat Sticker (Mr. Whale KAFBO)

480.00 ฿ 450.00 ฿
Cube The Tuxedo Cat Sticker (Mr. Whale KAFBO) Cube DIY simple and fun box made from eco-cardboard. Open packaging, 3 pieces scratchy

Dancing Fish

999.00 ฿ 729.00 ฿
Dancing fish Super elegant lifelike look to amuse your cats. Super realistic tail swing to awaken cat’s hunting instinct. User-friendly

HOME 8 pcs Full Set – Walnut

8,700.00 ฿ 6,690.00 ฿
KAFBO Cat Scratching Furniture HOME 8 pcs Full Set – Walnut HOME is a whole new range of cat scratchers and the

Smart Cat Toy

1,190.00 ฿ 990.00 ฿
Captivate your cat’s attention and satisfy their hunting instincts with a unique electronic cat toy that simulates prey popping out